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I wonder if people that hold their wine glasses between their middle and ring finger realize it doesn’t look as classy as they think it looks.

So I’m training at the new restaurant tonight, and this server asks me to help drop waters at this large top party. I put some waters down and this guy across the table reaches for something and knocks the water down. I drop the rest of the drinks for the kids and tell them someone will be by with a napkin to help them clean up. 

Maybe 10 minutes later, after I’ve forgotten about it, the manager asks me to get some bread for the table and he goes “oh.. that’s the table you spilled water on right?” I said “What? No.. the guy reached across and spilled it” Later the server comes in and says “good news they confessed about the kid spilling the water” I was like the fuck? first you blame me and talk to a fucking manager about water spilling and then you blame the kids at the table? like no it was a grown ass man that spilled it. Fuck off. People are so fucking dumb I swear. 

Tatted up

Tatted up

Hung out with quiet guy a couple of nights ago. I played in his pool while he worked. I guess I forgot to tell him I quit my job. He asked about work and I told him. He gave me extra money on top of allowance. I didn’t tell him I already have a new job lol

Aug 7

So my sister, sister in law and I decided to get pedis today. We weren’t in our usual area so we just went to a random place. When we walked in they were already talking about us in Vietnamese. Nothing bad just yet. So we sit down and the girl that is doing my toes says that we think we’re hot shit (in Vietnamese). I assume she said this because I had my Louis with me. Then the girl says something about my toes. I just sit there looking at her. Then it occurs to her to check if we’re Vietnamese. She says you look like an Asian. I said yeah. Filipino. Which is a lie of course. And she pointed to my sister and sister in law and said them too? I said yeah.

So after a shitty job on my toes I get down and pay. She goes to run my card. The owner asked who is signing it. She says the fat one down there (in Vietnamese) referring to me. I didn’t hear this my sister in law did. So she stared at her mean mugging and the girl just looked away. So my sister in law came to dry her toes and told me. She then started speaking to her baby in Vietnamese so that they would finally realize we speak the language. Then the girl that did my nails went to my sister and asked and she said that she was Filipino and my sister in law in Vietnamese. So the girl kinda walked away shell shocked. I was chatting with this other lady drying her nails and it was her first time too. I was telling her what happened and she said if she were me she wouldn’t leave a tip.

My sister finally got done and I told her what happened and she said just do $10 and they can split it amongst themselves. I so put down $10 and wrote make sure we don’t understand Vietnamese before you talk bad (I would’ve said shit but I don’t think they would’ve understood).

So we were leaving and my sister in law forgot her phone with my sister and she walked towards our way and the owner ran out the salon saying oh my gosh I’m so sorry and my sister in law just said whatever.

I know this is what a lot of people worry about when going into a nail salon all the time. I usually walk in speaking only English to see if it happens and surprisingly this is the first time I’ve encountered someone talking shit about guests when they were sitting there. People are stupid. The end.

Aug 1

I live for chunky Asian babies

How would you deal with a financially challenged boyfriend whom you help out?



I wouldn’t.


Sleepy puppy

Sleepy puppy


dont ask me for relationship advice because i will always just tell you to break up w/ them and throw their shit in a dumpster because i do not understand the concept of allowing anyone to treat you poorly this is a zero tolerance zone 

Tricked Jack into sleeping in his kennel😁

He fell asleep on the rug and I placed him in the kennel. Wonder how long it’ll take him to realize and start to cry 🙈

Hopefully he sleeps through most of the night.